Pool Lift Spare Parts

hand held controller, laid on white background, 4 button model is shown.

Hand-Held Control – Depending on the model of pool lift you have, we can supply either a two button control, for lifts with up and down motion, or a four button control for rotating lifts.

linak control box shown on white backgound. Other models available this is just representative.

Control Boxes – The control boxes are where you connect the hand controller and battery, the newer models also have a battery charge indicator. Depending on your pool lift model, you will need a single port (for up and down control only) or dual port (for both up and down and rotation).

Charger shown on white background with cables attached.

Battery Chargers – Wall mountable battery charges. The chargers should fully charge one of our batteries in 4-6 hours. It is recommended that the battery be placed on the charger whenever your pool lift is not in use.

24 volt linak battery shown on white background, has Aqua Creek logo.

24 Volt Batteries – Specifically designed for use with our Aqua Creek range of pool lifts. Batteries should always be placed on the charger whenever the pool lift is not in use to prolong the life.