Lifts & Hoists

Pool hoists or pool lifts as they are often called, allow those with limited mobility access to and from swimming pools, swim spas and hot tubs. We have a wide range of pool hoists to choose from and which pool hoist you choose will depend on your site and swimming pool / hot tub specifications followed by personal preference and budget. We are confident that you will find the solution for your pool access needs within our range of pool lifts and hoists, if you require any help and advice regarding our range of pool hoists then you can always contact us.

in ground pools

Admiral Lift
portable pro lift sitting poolside at outdoor pool
Portable Pro 2 Lift
Ranger 2 Lift
Mighty Voyager
scout excel lift shown set back from the edge of the pool hovering over water, no user.
Scout Excel Lift
Revolution XL Lift
mighty 400 lift, sitting at the edge of pool with no user.
Mighty 400
F-MTY600-C - MIGHTY 600 - TARLETON STATE 12 resized
Mighty 600 Lift
The EZ2 with the EZ1 physically smaller
EZ2 Lift
power ez lift show poolside at a distance across the water, with sling seat.
Power EZ2 Lift

Above Ground Pools & Spas

Spa Lift Ultra
SLE - Teagan wide yard_w-faceai-enhance-tiny
Spa Lift Elite
Super power EZ lift shown lifted high towards a hot tub using sling seat, with a user in situ.
Super Power EZ Lift
How to find the right pool hoist.

Whilst the wide range of hoists available can at first seem quite daunting, you can usually narrow your search down by looking at a few key differences.

In Ground or Above Ground?

This refers to the swimming pool or spa that the lift will be used with. Commonly in the UK most pools are in-ground, with above ground usually referring to hot tubs or swim spas. The simple question to ask here is if the lift will need to clear a height before lowering the user into the water.

Fixed or Portable

If you require above ground access then the options are limited to fixed lifts. For in ground pools however, there is the option of our Portable Pro 2 pool hoist which can be easily wheeled to and from the poolside, particularly useful for occasional use or for those with limited space at the poolside or with multiple pools. Sometimes having a fixed pool lift is the most suitable option, this could be to allow greater lifting capacity or if there is a pool wall or overflow grating that might interfere with the mobile pool lift. Many of our fixed pool hoists can be removed for storage and have the option of a transport caddy for easy moving.

Automatic or Manual

Our manual pool lift is a great option if you are working to a tight budget. The Manual EZ 2 will rotate manually through 360° and uses a hydraulic ram for lifting and lowering. Our other hoist options consist of fully automatic, which gives the user full independence, using the hand-held control for lifting, lowering, and rotation where specified. Our Semi-Auto lifts will have automatic lifting and lowering capacity, offering more comfort for the lift user, with rotation being manual, requiring a second person to rotate the lift into the lowering position.