Welcome to Suntrap Systems, a leading UK supplier of hoists and lifts for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Our pool lifts and hoists are suitable for a wide range of water-based facilities ranging from large commercial centres with multiple swimming pools and spas, to private individuals looking for access to their hot tub or swim spa. All of our lifts & hoists come with a 5 year structural warranty, and there is a 5-year pro-rata warranty on the electronic fittings, offering great value. Browse our ranges below or use the navigation to find a swimming pool hoist to meet your requirements. We also hold stock in the UK of spare parts and accessories for our range of hoists and lifts, as well as the ability to offer servicing and LOLER inspections nationwide. Take a look at our latest news to find out what we have been up to!

Pro Pool Series Lifts

Affordable swimming pool hoists and lifts , suitable for commercial and personal use. Low profile, modern and practical design.

Ranger 2 Pool Lift

Automatic and compact, seat position may be reversed if specified when ordering, designed for in-ground pools

Admiral Pool Lift


Automatic, with a small footprint and adjustable seat height, offering greater lifting capacity of 204kg.

Portable Pro 2 Pool Lift

Easy to transport mobile pool lift, no anchor required. Think of this as a transportable version of the Admiral or Ranger 2.

Revolution Series Lifts

The original Revolution series lifts offer 360° rotation and are ideal for both in ground and partially raised or recessed pools.

Revolution XL Pool Lift

Designed to be self operated via the hand-held control. Rotates through 360° with a weight capacity of 226kg (35.5 stones).

Scout Excel Pool Lift

A very versatile lift with 360° rotation and able to clear pool walls up to 26-inches. With a weight capacity of 170kg.

Mighty Series Lifts

Fully rotating lifts, designed to be operated by the user for full freedom to enjoy aqua facilities.

Mighty 400 Pool Lift

Combining the sturdiness of our Pro Series with the versatility of the Revolution Series. The automatic model has a weight capacity of 181kg (28.5 stones).

Mighty 600 Pool Lift

The Mighty 600 is our strongest and most versatile automatic lift. With its long reach and 272kg (42 stones) capacity, this lift will suit almost any user.

EZ Series Lifts

The EZ Series of lifts and hoists provide an affordable option for both commercial and private installations of swimming pools and spas and hot tubs.

EZ 2 Lift

The affordable EZ 2 lift is operated by hydraulic rams, with a weight capacity of 181kg (28.5 stones) and features 360° manual rotation. 

Power EZ 2 Lift

With all the features of the EZ 2 Lift, with the added benefit of 24V rechargeable battery power to assist with lifting in and out of the water.

Super Power EZ 2

With all the features of the Power EZ 2 Lift, the seat of thi lift has the added ability of clearing up to 58 inch walls. Ideal for spa or hot tub use.

Spa Series Lifts

Specially designed automatic spa hoists to provide access to hot tubs, spas and swim spas. Fully 24V battery powered and capable of clearing from 51″ – 68″ (129cm – 172cm).

Spa Ultra Hot Tub Lift

Fully powered spa or hot tub lift, with 360° rotation and wall clearance up to 51″ (129cm). Lifting capacity up to 181kg (28.5 stones).

Spa Elite Hot Tub Lift

Automatic spa or hot tub lift, with 360° rotation and wall clearance up to 68″ (172cm). Lifting capacity up to 136kg (21.5 stones).

About Suntrap Systems

SUNTRAP SYSTEMS is a long established company which started supplying suntanning equipment to both private and commercial customers many years ago. Becoming aware of the lack of access facilities for disabled people, Suntrap Systems carried out research to determine what, if any, amenities supplied easy access for people with limited mobility.

It seemed that many leisure facilities provided limited access – or even none at all – to their pools for anyone who found swimming pool steps difficult to manage. As a result, and after more research into the manufacture of Swimming Pool Lifts and Hoists, a relationship was developed between Suntrap Systems and Aqua Creek Products in America which has continued to flourish over the years.

In association with Aqua Creek, Suntrap now have the widest range of lifts and hoists to offer to both commercial and private customers which mean that whatever the size, shape or type of pool, spa or hot tub and whatever the budget, Suntrap Systems can offer an appropriate solution.

our aim

Our aim is to, and always will be, to provide aquatic access to people of all abilities. If you or anyone you know has been struggling with accessibility, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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