Movable Floors & Bulkheads

Moving Floors

For more than fifteen years we have worked in conjunction with KBE Bauelemente GmbH based in Wilhelmshaven, Germany who were established in 1965 and have an exceptional reputation for quality and reliability. KBE specialise in moving floors, submersible and lateral-traversing booms, and also hinged walls for swimming pools of different sizes to markets all round the world.  KBE are well-known for moving floors for large commercial swimming pools, while most of their private customers prefer the surface of their moving floor to prepared to accept tiling to match their pool surround for aesthetic and practical reasons.

For more information please contact us, or visit their website for more detailed information and images of their floors, hinged walls and booms.

Stark Bulkheads

Stark Aquatics based in Seattle, America have been manufacturing the world’s strongest laterally-moving fibreglass bulkheads since the 1960’s, and Suntrap have worked with Stark for nearly twenty years. The STARK bulkhead is built entirely of fibreglass with no moving parts or motor to corrode and no maintenance is required except for regular cleaning.   With a tensile strength of 20,000 psi and designed to take a point load of 175kg per racing lane line, this bulkhead is considered the world’s top competition bulkhead and Stark provide a 25-year structural warranty on every bulkhead. 

The in-built buoyancy tanks ensure the bulkhead can be moved easily by 2 people within Manual Handling Regulation guidelines, and positioned anywhere along the length of the pool for optimum flexibility of operation while the locating pins ensure an accurate 25m length for competition use.  The STARK bulkhead has been used in many international events including the Olympics in Atlanta, the Goodwill Games, Commonwealth Games etc. and they are exported to many countries overseas which take part in competition swimming.

For more information please contact us, or visit their website for more images and detailed information about Stark bulkheads.