Ranger 2 Lift

The Ranger Lift maintains our high standards of reliability and durability, and is similar to our Portable Pro Lift but is installed at poolside. It offers a lifting capacity of 25 stones (158 kg) and is ideal for smaller clubs or centres, or for the private individual who wants to retain their independence. This automatic lift is designed to be operated by the user allowing full control with a 2 way hand-held control. A reverse configuration is available for users who need to transfer from the right instead of the left side.

Also available is the Admiral Lift with all the features of the Ranger 2 but with a greater lifting capacity of 32 stones (203kg), and a seat height which can be adjusted making transfers from higher wheelchairs more accessible.

  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • 25 stones (158 kg) lifting capacity
  • 24V rechargeable battery with charger unit
  • Water-resistant hand-held control
  • Adjustable lapstrap, adjustable/ removable footrest
  • Dual flip-up armrests, all poolside fixings
  • 5 year structural warranty
  • CE Certified
Available Accessories

Reverse seat configuration, headrest, chest strap, leg rest, cycle attachment, protective cover, transport cart.