The Spa Pool Lift™

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The Spa Lift™ is powered by 24V rechargeable battery with manual rotation of the boom arm with seat. This hoist has been designed specially for use with above-ground spas and pools with wall heights of 20" (52 cms) up to 40" (105 cms). It provides easy raising and lowering of the seat using the waterproof remote control, and is constructed of low carbon stainless steel protected by a durable white epoxy white powder-coated finish. Site measurements are required.


28.5 stones (400 lbs/181 kilos) lifting capacity, 360° Manual rotation, 24V rechargeable battery with charger unit, Hand-held waterproof remote control for lowering and raising, Adjustable lap belt, Pull out leg rest, Dual flip up arm rests, Five year pro-rated warranty.

Available Accessories

Headrest, Chest strap, Waterproof remote control, HD Seat 24" (61 cms) wide, Wood Deck Anchor, Cover.