Sports Timing Equipment

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Equestrian Timing Equipment

SW4 Timer - The flexible timing and display system for equestrian sports

Programs for the following are currently available:

  • Standard show jumping (Bareme A)
  • Jump-off for standard show jumping
  • Standard show jumping with stage (Bareme B)
  • Standard show jumping with jump-off
  • Show jumping with time penalty(Bareme C)
  • Two stage show jumping (Bareme A Barrage Integre)
  • Standard show jumping with American jump off
  • Carriage Driving

Primary features of Timer S4 for equestrian

  • Contains all popular domestic and international programs for jumping and carriage driving
  • Adjustable countdown (0, 30, 45 or 60 sec.) with horn
  • Button controlled timeout
  • Horn sounds at end of countdown, beginning and end of timeouts
  • Adjustable input of penalty time (6, 8, or 10 sec.)
  • One button input for rail drop penalty points
  • Easy reset of false finishes
  • Automatic time penalty point calculation for exceeding the optimum time (preselectable with ¼ or 1 point per second over)
  • Printout of total of total time from clear round time and penalty time
  • Printout of total points (rail drop plus time penalty points)
  • Internal upgradable software for guaranteed compliance with future rules
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum casing
  • Battery powered (rechargeable batteries with charger)
  • LCD crystal display visible in all light conditions
  • Temperature compensated quartz technology to guarantee accuracy from -25° to +50°C ( F)
  • Photocell RLS1c with standard swivel head, attaches to tripod or bracket, powered by direct cable or TED Teledata
  • Results printout on Printer P5
  • Display Board GAZ4 connects by cable or TED Teledata
  • RS 232 computer interface
  • Case with foam insert for transport and easy handling
  • Timer S4 contains programs for other popular timed events (e.g. dog agility, skiing, cycling)

Possibilities of later expansions:

  • ALGE TELEDATA for wireless transmission of start and stop impulses
  • ALGE DISPLAY BOARD for indication of time and points
  • ALGE DISPLAY BOARD with ALGE COMET Handy Terminal for indication of start number
  • Computer for evaluation purposes