Revolution Pool Lift™

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The Revolution Lift with its many available accessories makes this lift the ideal choice for hydrotherapy pools and rehabilitation centres. The specialist attachments include a gurney/stretcher, spineboard, sling seat, and a choice of wheelchairs which can also be used around the poolside and which fold up for easier storage. The versatile Revolution lift has the largest lifting capacity of all our lifts offering 35.5 stones (226 kg)** and is able to rotate through 360° enabling easier access. Supplied with a moulded seat with adjustable footrest, this lift is powered by a 24V battery and operated using a 4-way hand-held control. Installed in a single poolside socket, the Revolution can be removed and wheeled away using the optional Transport Cart. **Note that with some of the accessories the lifting capacity may be reduced.


CE certified, 35.5 stones (226 kg) lifting capacity, 360° rotation in either direction, 24V rechargeable battery with charger unit, water-resistant hand-held control, adjustable lapstrap, adjustable/removable footrest, dual flip-up armrests, 5-year structural warranty.

Available Accessories

Headrest, chest strap, legrest, wheelchair attachment, gurney (trolley) with stretcher, rescue (spine) board assembly, mesh sling seat, transport cart, cycle attachment, protective cover, transport cart.

Wheelchair Accessory

This accessory is supplied in two parts: a ramp fitting for attaching to the Revolution lift, and a separate wheelchair that can be used around the poolside etc. The wheelchair folds for easy storage and is available in several widths ranging from 18 inch (45 cm) to 24 inch (60 cm). It has a lifting capacity of 25 stones (158 kg) and has a 1 year warranty.

Gurney Accessory

This accessory is manufactured of stainless steel for strength and durability and has heavy duty plastic lockable wheels. It has a lifting capacity of 25 stones (158 kg), a 1 year warranty and features drop down side rails and a 5 position reclining headrest.

Spineboard/Rescue Board Accessory

This accessory has a lifting capacity of 25 stones (158 kg), a 1 year warranty and an option of a head immobiliser.