Swimming Pool Moving Floors

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The Advantages of the KBE Moving Floor System

•Lightweight construction

•Easy to operate

•Electro-mechanical drive system

•German TÜV approved

•Comply with European Standard Norm EN.13451-11

•Over 1000 satisfied customers world-wide

•All metal parts used in the pool tank are made of 316 stainless steel or special bronze

•Surface consists of reinforced polyester sections 494mm wide screwed together with 6mm wide slots, which allows waterflow through 1.5% of the surface area of the floor

•Alternatively the moving floor surface may be formed by a stainless steel tray to accept tiling to match the pool surround for improved aesthetic appearance, and so the area can be used for different purposes e.g. entertaining, family sports, etc.

•The floor is calculated to support a live load of 2000 N/m² in dry conditions (= 3 people per m²), and can be used for water disco, aqua aerobics, etc.

•The floor is automatically locked using self locked screws in all positions. High security system for safety

•The floor can be used to cover the surface area of the pool overnight by moving it 2cm above water level, to minimise heat loss and condensation

•Large cleaning flaps allow the use of an automatic pool cleaner under the floor overnight, as the area below the floor is free from cables, etc. It is not necessary to employ underwater divers

•The KBE floor moves at a rate of 1m in 5 minutes

•Installation and adjustments are carried out during one operation, without the need for a return site visit

•Installations are possible in existing pools (= retro-fit) and also in free-form pools

•No additional concrete support structure and a minimum of site work to the pool tank is required for a KBE floor installation

•Short installation time

•Low servicing cost