Stark Bulkheads

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Stark manufacture a 100% non-corrosive traversable Fibreglass Bulkhead which will add new dimensions to any size pool. Wheels and metal rails on the poolside are not necessary since the unit is designed to float, not roll, for repositioning without damaging pool tiles. Injecting air into the patented chambers will lift it off its station and only two people can then float it back and forth with ease; by ejecting the air, the Bulkhead is anchored into the desired position. The Bulkhead can transform any single-purpose pool into a multi-purpose facility.

The strength of the Stark Bulkhead is far greater than other types of bulkheads on the market today – the tensile strength exceeds 20,000 psi. Anchors for lane line markers and starting blocks can be built into the surfaces, which will accommodate any style of units.

Multiple lane lines can be installed without creating side deflections. The side walls are solid, smooth and rigid, allowing strong kick-offs and turns. The top has a non-slip finish for safety, and a finger handhold is provided at the waterline.

The Bulkhead is designed to support a uniform live load, in addition to all dead loads, of at least 358kg/m²; and to withstand a uniform lateral live load of at least 239kg/m² and a point load of at least 200kg. Racing line anchors will resist pull-out loads at least 175kg per line. It is constructed entirely of fibreglass consisting of layers of premium grade vinyl polyester resin, unidirectional roving and premium grade polyester gel coat. The Bulkhead will have PTFE guide strips at each end to keep it from rubbing the pool sides when moved.

The Stark Fibreglass Bulkhead is non-conductive. It has no welded seams to deteriorate and weaken it, and does not require replaceable sacrificial anodes to prevent electrolysis. It does not incorporate any stainless steel or other metal apart from the racing lane line anchors and external fittings e.g. barrier rails. Because of the solid fibreglass construction, there are no sharp edges.


The Bulkhead is an elongated, submersible hollow body having a top deck, front and rear side walls, end walls, and a bottom and intermediate shelf at the water line that is parallel with the top deck. The internal construction has elongated vertical hollow sockets fixed to the top of the deck and extending through the intermediate shelf, forming a box frame within the top deck and side walls, adapted to receive starting platforms or other swimming equipment e.g. electronic timing, water polo goals etc.

The Bulkhead will contain multiple air chambers including at least two axially aligned sections, each section having several air chambers located in the interior compartment. The air chambers spaced transversely of the body and on the opposite side of the longitudinal centreline, for providing a variable buoyancy force that is substantially uniform on the opposite side of the longitudinal centreline. The air chambers are provided with a water inlet and a valve connected to the interior of the air chambers for passing air into and out of the chambers. This allows selective control of the volume of air and water within the chambers.

Under the deck will be fitted four transversely separated air chambers fixed against the outer walls, having sufficient size that the Bulkhead will float when air is injected. Two water chambers extend from each end towards the middle between the outer chambers that will provide stability against rotation about the lengthways axis, when the four outer chambers are inflated and the two inner chambers remain filled with water.

The advantages and benefits of installing movable fibreglass bulkheads

The Stark fibreglass Bulkhead is unique in its patented design and construction making it easy to install, move and maintain. It has a clean, modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

•Stronger and easier to maintain The Stark movable Bulkhead is made entirely of fibreglass with no metal parts to corrode; it therefore does not require earth bonding. It has a tensile strength exceeding 20,000 psi, and is designed to take a live load of 358kg/m² (in addition to normal 'dead loads') and a uniform lateral live load of 239kg/m² , and a point load of 175kg per racing lane line. Built without any moving parts or motors, no maintenance is required except for regular cleaning.

•Manoeuvrable Built-in buoyancy tanks ensure easy movement by only 2 people within Manual Handling Regulation guidelines. This enables the Stark Bulkhead to be moved several times a day to achieve optimum flexibility in pool operation.

•Ease of Positioning There are no tracks or rails on the poolside to deflect or distort, or cause damage to tiles. The Stark Bulkhead can be positioned anywhere along the pool, and locating pins ensure an accurate 25m length for competition use.

•Health and Safety The Stark Bulkhead is constructed to safety standards agreed with the Health & Safety Executive. Full staff training and certification is carried out after installation.

•25 year Warranty With all the above advantages and nearly 40 years' experience, Stark Aquatic Systems give a 25 year written Warranty on each Bulkhead.

•Competition Pedigree The Stark movable fibreglass Bulkhead has been used in many international events including the Olympic Games (Atlanta), the Goodwill Games (Seattle), Commonwealth Games (Vancouver), etc so you are guaranteed the world’s top competition Bulkhead.